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Interior Design: Nantucket

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 29, 2016 11:02:54 AM / by Allison Sinclair

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Nantucket is one of the most exclusive destinations in the United States. Summer home destination to countless celebritirs and as perfect as a post card, exclusive is an understatement. So, how do these multi millionaire homeowners decorate tend to decorate? Let's find out.

Majority of the pieces in their Nantucket homes are white. Typcial floors in Hampton homes are beautiful, rich hardwood floors. The best practices of interior design in Nantucket are simple; glam meets beach. Where the rest of Cape Cod has more of a comfortable, casual, retro beach feel, Nantucket kicks it up a notch. In place of the whale printed throw pillows, you will find an Hermes throw blanket. Every detail of the home will be the best of the best, and it truly shows.


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Interior Design in Duxbury, MA

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 27, 2016 9:26:17 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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Ahhh, Deluxbury. The town has this nickname for a reason. From the stunning beaches to the rich history, Duxbury truly has it all. Mostly every single person who lives in Duxbury takes unbelievable pride in the way their home is presented. Interior Design in Duxbury, MA is a necessity when ensuring that your home's beauty lives up to it's fullest potential.

Interior design in Duxbury MA is common practice. As you drive down Washinton Street and King Caesar Road, you'll notice that each and every lawn is perfectly manicured, and every single walkway and driveway has a cobblestone border. The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior in Duxbury, especially when paired with the backdrop of the bay or ocean. When initially exploring interior design in Duxbury, MA, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

1) Make sure your front door is dressed to impress. The door is a crucial point to take seriously when planning out your interior design in Duxbury, MA. The front door is the focal point to the exterior of your home and the first impression your guets will have upon arrival. Make sure your door has a fresh coat of paint that properly reflects your personality, as well as a stately door knocker. Lastly, make sure your wreath game is on point - and not just at Christmas. Beach themed wreaths, greenery wreaths with twine bows, and more stand out as beautiful year round wreaths.

2) Frong hall table. Ok, so we've got the door covered. Now your guestrs open the door and walk inside - what do they see? The most impressive piece to have is a big, round table in the center of your foyer with a large centerpiece of freshly cut flowers. In the summertime, hydrangeas tie in the beach theme nicely, and in the winter white roses will match almost any decor. This is a stately piece that will definitely impress when choosing your interior design in Duxbury, MA.

3) Stately fireplace. Most homes have a fireplace in Duxbury, as it is an older colonial town and the builders try to mirror that look and feel. A lot of the time when thinking about your home's interior design in Duxbury, MA,  it's important to try and make your home look as big as possible. The fireplace is a key location where you can do that.

Put a large mirror above the fireplace and if you don't already have one, build a large mantle around the fireplace. Put 2 or 4 symmetrical, tall focal pieces on the mantle and a couple of smaller, shorter symmetrical pieces. Make sure the decor is balanced from end to end. If you follow through with all of these tricks, your room will look significantly taller and larger.

These are all very common practices that homeowners practice when working on their interior design in Duxbury, MA. For more tips and examples, check out our Twitter page below!



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Interior Designers in the South Shore, MA

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2016 11:22:24 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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Interior Decorating can be an overwhelming task. Between figuring out what you want to change, what you want to stay the same, and how to go about accomplishing it... most people just do not know where to start.

That's why hiring a professional interior decorator may be the best fit for you. Today we will be specific in discussing Interior Designers in the South Shore MA. New England has a very unique look and feel to it, and then within New Englad is a tiny southern portion of Massachusetts referred to lovingly as the South Shore. Nestled between Boston and Cape Cod, the South Shore provides a unique charm and decor style all it's own.


Interior Designers in the South Shore, MA are well aware of the exact look homeowners are trying to acheive, and are well versed in obtaining that look. There are so many decorators in the area - how will you know which is the right one for you? The South Shore has a very specific look - it is a mixture of traditional New Engand design, a touch of modern flair, and a whole lot of white starfish in the windows and shutters on the windows.

Having grown up in Duxbury, MA this is a look I grew up with my whole life. But what if you recently moved into the area? What if you have a different design scheme altogether and are trying to acheive that perfect South Shore look? An Interior Designer in South Shore MA will be the perfect fir for you. 

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Cape Cod Home Design

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2016 10:34:39 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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When decorating a home, one key thing to think about is the look and feel of the area in which you live. Today, we are focusing primarily on Cape Cod home design - and for this blog, we will be focused on the exterior of your home!

Cape Cod, MA has a special charm all it's own. From the old lighthouses to the quaint towns and taverns, this area of Massachusetts is quintessentially New England. Today we are going to look at the best ways to bring the Cape Cod theme  right up to the the front door of you home.

1) Shutters, and lots of them. One of the key aspects to decorating your home with true Cape Cod design in mind is to pay attention to the exterior of the home just as much as the interior. Shutters can be seen for miles as you drive down  the Cape, and the way they perfectly fit around each window looks as asthetically pleasing as a nice frame around a photograph. Typically, shutters that have true Cape Cod design in mind are black, dark green that almost appears black, or white, depending on the color of your home.

2) Shinles galore! Most homes on Cape Cod are shingled. The shingles pair very nicely with the shutters to give a traditional Cape Cod design look and feel. Typically the shutters will either be a treated wood color (my personal favorite) or a shade of white. Additionally, if repainting your home every few years isn't your cup of tea, you can look into vinyl siding as well!

3) Your front door is EVERYTHING. People on Cape Cod go all out for their front door, as they should. Think about it - with the earthy toned shutters and shingles I just described above, the front door is the pop of color and centralized focal piece of the house. Some people like a bright red door, while others like light blue. This is total personal preference, and it adds an element of your personality to the traditional Cape Cod design of the rest of the house - so have fun with it! Lastly, people also go all out with personalized door knockers like starfish, sea shells, etc, as well as year round wreaths to fit every season. 

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How to Make Your Living Space Look Bigger!

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 23, 2016 10:33:38 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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There are a lot of ways to optimize your living space - There is no right answer. Everyone's home and space is different, and it all boils down to personal preference and functionality. That being said, there are common threads throughout the best practices of decorating your space to look as big as possible. Today we will be reviewing them all - just for you!

1) Center your biggest pieces. If you're in a bedroom, make sure the bed is centered on the wall. If you're in a family room, make sure the couch is centered, and if you're in a kitchen/dining area, make sure the table is centered. This is the first crucial step to making your room look as spacious as possible, as it balances out everything else to come.

2) Hang a mirror. Have you ever noticed that people sometimes hang a large mirror over their couch, centered in their front hall, above their fireplace, etc.? This is because a large mirror creates the illusion of a larger room. Even if the space you're working with isn't the biggest, if you have a mirror hanging in just the right spot, people will never know.

3) Crown molding. Crown molding is a HUGE help when making your space look larger, as it is an extension off the tops of the walls and doorways. Crown molding makes the walls and doorways appear taller, therefor making the ceilings seem higher, and the room seem larger.

4) High curtain rods. These will have the same effect on the perceived height of the room as the crown moldings will. If your curtain rods hang high above your windows, you are creating the illusion that your windows are taller, your ceiling is taller, and therefor your room is taller. It's all about the smoke and mirrors. ;)

5) Less is more. The more knick knacks and doo dads you have on your book cases and shelves, the more cluttered a room will look. Think about the show Hoarders (if you haven’t seen it, watch it!!) Have you ever noticed at the end of an episode when they do the before and after pictures from within the home, the after pictures make the room appear much larger? That's because there isn’t as much STUFF. Be selective when picking out your decorative pieces; a few statement pieces will achieve just the look you're going for.

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The Top 3 Ways To Change Up Your Space!

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 22, 2016 10:51:01 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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There are a lot of ways to best optimize your living space. Today we will go over some of the best options to determine which may be the best path for you.

1) Give your home a face lift. Refurbish your old furniture by sanding and repainting the wooden items and reupholstering the fabric items.  Going to a store like Miachaels or Joanne's Fabrics can provide you with fabric to your heart's content, as well as all of the tools you will need to do the overhaul. Lowe's and Home Depot will have everything you need for your wooden pieces and more. This is a great option for a new look, but while it is financially affordable, it is very time consuming and a lot of work. For someone juggling a large to do list, this may not be the best option for you.

2) Shop till you drop! Get out there and get the perfect new pieces for  your decorating vision. This is an awesome way to give your home the facelift you desire. Going to different places like HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrell and boutique shops is an awesome way to get fast results delivered to your door. Althought this is the fastest route, it is only fast if you know exactly what you want. If you don't you can find yourself going from store to store searching for something that speaks to you. In addition, as you are buying everything from a retail store with this option, the price can sometimes be a hefty one. If budget is somewhat of a concern, this may not be the best option for you.

3) Hire an interior decorator. An interior decorator will set up an initial consultation to come to your house and provide you wit hthe guidance you need to turn your house into a home. They will be able to work with you and figure out what your vision is, as well as a realistic timeline and budget. Additionally, all of the shopping, reupholstering and design work will be handled from start to finish. The only thing the customer needs to do once an interior decorator is off and running is check in from time to time and make sure the project is coming along in a way they are satisfied with. If you want a design option that does not require an abundance of time or money, hiring an interior decorator may be the best fit for you.

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Best Ways To Get Your Home Party Ready!

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 22, 2016 9:43:49 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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Does it seem like every time you go to your friends homes for a get together you get inspiration? You might notice how well everything flows at a party, or the adorable, Pinterest worthy drink cart. How do they do it? Where do they think of these awesome ideas?

The truth of the matter is - everywhere! There are no two homes that are exactly alike. Everyone accomodates their guests differently, and everyone has a different idea of fun. It's all about YOU. No matter what your preference, there are always a few constant facotrs that make up a great get together. 

Laying out your space is the number one most important thing to think about for your event. You have to make sure your party flows well. Do you have enough seating? If the answer is no, bring in some chairs from other rooms in your home, or rent some folding chairs. When arranging the seaitng, make sure it's positioned so everyone can feel included while seated, and it's not in the way of where people are trying to go.

Another key factor is the atmosphere. Once everyone arrives, how would you like the evening to go? Music is a key factor to the atmosphere of a party. Choose an upbeat, current playlist and play it thorugh speakers throughout your home. Be sure to play your music through a CD player or a computer. When people sync their phones to a music system, the second a call comes through the music abruptly stops. 

Jazz it up! About halfway through the evening, catch your guests off guard. Play truth or dare, charades, have a selfie stick competition - be creative! This will add another element to the night and allow for your guests to let their guard down, laugh a little, and have some fun.


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The Top 10 Decorating Trends of 2016

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 22, 2016 8:49:08 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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Trends in design are ever changing, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. When looking at decor trends, a few things come into play on what is making them poular in that specific palce, and at that specific time. Today, we are focusing on traditional New England decor, with a touch of modern flair. Below are the top 10 trendy pieces of 2016:

1) Stripes, stripes and more stripes! big, bold navy stripes are super in this year. Paired with silver and gold pieces around the room, this sleek look can be both nautical and chic.

2) Rope. Whether it's rope curtain ties or a rope door mat, little accents give off a sailboat-esque vibe and compliment both colored and white decor well.

3) You can never have too much white. White curtains, couches, rugs, coffee tables and more. You name it, and if it's in that Cape Cod cottage white people are putting it in their homes. The great thing about white is you can always add color with your accents liek throw pillows, picture frames and throw blankets.

4) Balls. And lots of them. Up until noww the trends have definitely been New England, but this is one of the more modern tie ins. Recenlty, balls, particularly silver and gold ones, have been making their way into bookends and coffee table ornaments everywhere. They add a touch of moswrn sophistication to a traditional, nautical look.

5) Area rugs. Area rugs over hard wood floors give a room of total dimension. As opposed to wall to wall carpeting, an area rug over hard wood draws the eye in and really ties a room together. Additionally, area rugs can be updated and changed more frequently.

6) Year round wreaths. Add a little greenery to the scenary! A big, luscious wreath of greens tied with a ribbon can pop on a front door or a wall of a room., and add a little happiness to any space.

7) White starfish in the windows. This gets more and more popular every single year. From the inside and the outside, looking through windows with a little white starfish centered in the middle of them adds a New England charm all their own.

8) Chalk paint. Have you seen those pieces of furniture that are new but they look fabulously worn and old? They were painted and finished with Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax, and they are all the rage. As they should be - chalk paint makes just about anything look truly stunning.

9) Knobs! Knobs are huge, and a great way to show your individuality in any room. Trading out the knobs a piece came with and purchasing unique, beautiful ones instead has become a huge trend. Anthropologie and Etsy have great variaties to choose from. It's a quick fix to giving any piece of furniture a facelift!! 

10) Coffee table trays. The best way to position a tray on your coffee table is at an angle on the top righthand corner. Keep fun things like your TV remotes, coasters, candles and pictures in your tray to spruce it up. Your tray should be a different color than you coffee table. It doesnt have to be bright, but a contrasting color will really make it pop!

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From Shabby to Chic - Refurbishing Furniture

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 11, 2016 3:48:56 PM / by Allison Sinclair

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How many times have you driven slowly by a yard sale to see if anything caught your eye, only to speed off unimpressed? Used furniture does not tend to have the same eye catching 'it factor' as a freshly painted, shiny knobbed dresser from Restoration Hardware. But it doesn't have the same price tag either.

Today I will tell you how to get the look without the cost. It all starts with changing your perspective.

The next time you see a chair with a great shape but horrible, faded fabric, do not walk by! Sometimes a beautiful wing back armchair will sell for as little as $10 if the fabric is faded and torn. With a quick trip to the fabric store and next week's DIY blog on how to reupholster, that chair can be good as new.

Wooden furniture is the same story. A lot of wonderful peices are passed by due to scratches, chipping paint, missing knobs and broken corners. The key to redoing furniture is simple; if the piece has a good shape and a good price, the sky is the limit. 

Knobs - easily replaced at Home Depot or Lowes. There are even more unique selections (with a slightly higher price tag) at Anthropologie and Etsy

Scratches - Before painting, sand the piece down. This will even out the surface and prime for paint

Chipped corners - Before painting, use wood putty to reshape the corners. Let the putty dry, and then paint over. No one will know!

Chalk Paint - The Holy Grail of redecorating. Chalk paint gives the illusion that the piece has worn in a chic, evenly disperesed and elegant manner. Annie Sloan makes the original chalkpaint, and stores like Lowes and Home Depot have versions of their own as well. Stay tuned to next week when we dive deeper into how to use chalk paint!

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