Meet the Best Interior Design Team in New England!

Established in 2016, Allison Lee Designs was born in order to help people transform their living spaces into a tranquil, enjoyable place. With a focus on traditional New England design with a touch of modern flair, Allison Lee strives to transorm everyday space into something that is welcoming and exciting to return home to at the end of each day. We transform the oridinary in the extraordinary, and a house into a home.

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Allison Sinclair


Allison has always had a passion for interior design. From decorating her dorm room at college to refurbishing dozens of pieces of furniture, there is no limit to her creative passion.

Samantha Sinclair

Vice President

Not only is Samantha the Vice President, but she is Allison's younger sister as well! Samantha shares Allison's passion for design, and resides in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. Samantha's design style combines traditional New England flair with the rustic, simplistic feel of New Hampshire. 


Creative Design Mascot

Charlie is a French Bulldog with a knack for decorating! In addition to his passion for interior design, Charlie enjoys running, eating, and sleeping. He absolutely lives for squeaky toys and loves an occasional tastey bone. Charlie will be able to help you with you all of your decorating needs - If he ever wakes up from his nap!!