Find Your Happy Place

So you can do your happy dance
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Getting Started

The ability to walk into a room and envision exactly what you'd like to see isnt' always the easiest thing to do. In fact, sometimes it can seem daunting and intimidating. That's where we come in and make it not so scary. You know you want a change, but aren't sure what it should look like. By using traditional New England design with a touch of modern flair, we are able to makeover any space. We can take you by the hand from conception to the final touch, and make your dream home a reality. 
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What to Expect

This is where the fun begins! A designer will come to your home for an initial consultation. During that time, you will be able to show them your home, and which room(s) you would like to change. The designer will be able to see what your taste is, even if you are not sure yourself! They will be able to work with you (and your budget) to determine a timeline, goals, and just what that magic 'it factor' is that will make you light up as brightly as your newly decorated space!
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That's it! By partnering with Allison Lee Designs and trusting in the expertise that has made so many New England homeowners happy in the past, we will transform your house into a home. Our designers have an eye for detail, an imaginative flair and most importantly, a focused approach keeping the needs and wants of the customer right in the center of every single project.